Safety is the Priority, Quality is the Standard


The Environment itself is our home; since the environment is really thewhole planet on which we live. Therefore, quality of environmentaffects all of us no matter where we are - at home or at work. With the advent of modernization and industrialization, it has become imperative for businesses to have legal responsibilities to protect the environment and to ensure the health & safety of employees and other people. Environmentally responsible businesses garner reputation which can prove to be an important asset to the business. Over a period, more & more companies have started to recognize the need to develop strategic Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) Management programs as a part of their overall business plan. This has resulted in businesses aspiring to be better environmental stewards by investing in strong EHS Management.

The idea of GEMPL was conceived by Mahesh Chhatre and Prashant Joshi with a firm belief that improved EHS Management can be a worthy business strategy, which can result in improved compliance with government regulations, reduce liabilities, create economic value and enhance competitive advantage. The two IITians are convinced about the concept that doing the right things at the right time is important and can help in sustaining the environmental resources as well as the business. Today, with its presence of more than a decade and robust experience, GEMPL has blossomed into a progressive EHS Management consulting firm providing a range of services in the field of EHS. Keeping in mind, the diverse & demanding requirements of various industries in the field of EHS, we offer a wide range of futuristic, unique and cost-effective solutions


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